Changing the abandon status of Queue Transaction


Currently we have a process that would be running across multiple days… for example 1st stage would complete with in a day and stage 2 would be completed in a week and stage 3 would be completed in 2 weeks. We are using Orchestrator Queue transactions to identify the previous stage of the workflow in order to resume in the correct stage.

My questions

  1. The Queue transaction go in to the “Abandoned” stage after a period of 24 hours, (even though i update the custom progress field), Is there a way to extend that duration ?
  2. Can i trigger “Retry of abandoned transactions” programmatically through API’s ?
  3. Is there a better way to handle these multi-day - multiple stages transactions ?


Hi Siva,
You can access queue items programmatically using API. You can get more details here:


Hi @Tuhin_Samanta ,

Thanks for the response. Yes, I can access them but

  1. Is there a way I could trigger a “Retry” programmatically ?
  2. Or Can I avoid the transactions moving to abandon stage after 24 hours duration ?


Hi @sivabalan11

You can change the default value for abandoning queue items for your own Orchestrator:



Hi @loginerror is there a way to set this Abandon time limit per Queue? I see that the web.config will be applicable across all the Tenants and queues, but since each process have different methods of reprocessing transactions, wanted to see if there is an automated way to abandon transactions that exceeds 2 hours, because the source system will retrigger those transactions anyway if its past 2 hours. Thank you.

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Hi @bbatan

I don’t think there is currently a way to manage queue abandon state per queue.

I suppose a functional workaround would be to change the transaction ‘age’ at the time of processing via its timestamp of creation.

If you feel like there is space to improve, feel free to create a topic with a full description of your use case in our User Voice feedback category :slight_smile:

hi @bbatan,

I think the best way to utilize the abandon status is to let the queue items expire to “Abandon status” and then initiating a new transaction using “Retry” option.
Other customization like updating the web.config would have a impact in long run or during migration.