How to change project's current folder in Project.json

I have many robot was developed in UiPath 2016,
and I ran them from command line.
When running, the current folder just is object xaml file’s folder,
All of the robots is follow this rule to be developed.
But since UiPath 2018,
I must specify a Project.json to run a robot from the command line,
and the running current folder is Project.json’s folder.
That change is a problem for my coding of pass edit like “…/…” or “./”,
I don’t want to change code that has passed the test and release.
I also don’t want to add many of Project.json to each xaml file folder.

Can I dynamically change the current folder by edit Project.json?
Or another way to solve my wrong.
Thank you.

Likely not :frowning:
Robot will always default to the folder where project.json file is located. So even if you change the “main” field in project.json to point to your main.xaml including full path it will still search to other workflows/XAMLs relative to location of project.json.

So probably only ways is to create project.json for each process.