Format conversion

How do i convert downloaded html file to image as html to image and html to pdf activity is not working…

Sorry, but can you kindly rephrase your question?

Hello AndyMenon,
Thanks for your reply…
Actually i am downloading image using http request but from there image format i am getting is html but i need to convert that html image to any other image format that is jpeg png etc

Did you try the basic step of saving the .html file as an image file?.

TriedSaving but its not opening…Error message Format not supported…

Did you open the html file manually to see what the content is? Maybe if you can open it as an HTML file, you can screen shot it and grab the image.

Also, what is the default program to open image files in your environment? Is it the Browser?

I’m still trying to understand why you are getting an HTML response back if you requested an image file?