How to change extension

I have a pdf file that is getting saved with extension “.tmp” (when I am downloading to a folder). I am trying to use type into activity so that I can change the extension to “.PDF” but I don’t know how to process this step as I don’t know how remove .tmp and add .pdf at the end.

Can anyone assist please

there one more question and that is if I am trying to extract specific data from the second page of PDF then how can I navigate to the second screen.

I will be greatfull if anyone can help me with this two problems

Hi @dipon1112000

Use the copy file activity and give the source file path with .tmt extension and give the destination file path with .pdf extension.

Hope it helps!!


.tmp is generally a temporary extension while downloading files once the file is completely downloaded it should automatically change to .pdf if not that means either the file is not completey downloaded or is being downloading still or is canceled in between…please check the same


Thank you for the reply. The file is getting downloaded completely with .tmp

Can you elaborate please


There should be some issue in downloads…check the browser downloads

Also while downloading if you are changing to .tmp then save as pdf…after downloading it would not work