Wait for download activity and copy activity after but sometimes could not find the file


I use wait for download activity to download a file:

and after I have 3 sec delay:


and copy file activity

And sometimes like 10% times I get an error that could not find the file .TMP (the file I’m downloading is PDF)

Do you haave any ideas why that might be and how to fix this?


Please check the whether file exists at the mentioned path for this, to check whether the file exists or not please us the file exists activity and pass the output of that variable into the if condition and if exists then do the necessary activities in the then block.



Use File exists activity if the file exist then perform copy.


Can you try to set "tmp" at IgnoreFileExtensions property in WaitForDownload activity?



Hi @anon40731888

But you copying the file which is in .tmp
Check once

hi, @anon40731888
can you try to put it inside retry scope
+try to debug and if bug apeare press on retry to check if it will failed or not

No its PDF I never download any tmp I don’t know why it shwos tmp when I click the PDF file is always downloaded

does it have to say “tmp” or .tmp? I use studioX


it’s present in studiox also. Check in wait for download activity.

Hi @anon40731888

Once check whether the Pdf is download or not


According to the following document, it seems good without dot.



In the wait for download activity, under ignore temporary file extensions insert “tmp” to ignore the downloaded file if its tmp extension. Then using file exists you can check if the file is downloaded or an if statement that checks if downloaded file variable extension is pdf

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