Rename PDF File name while downloading it from an email

I am trying to download a PDF file from an email and Rename the pdf file.
So anyone please suggest me how can we rename a random PDF file.

Later I need to extract the PDF data using Read pdf by OCR.

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Use save Attachment Activity to save the attachments.

StrPDF [ ] = Directory.GetFiles(“FolderPath”,"*.pdf")

It will give array of PDF files as output. Then use For Each loop Activity to iterate that PDF files and then use Move File Activity to rename the file.

Hi @pratyusha_gandham,

Use move activity, just search for it in activities.
Use file path were you got it from and then destination were the file will be located.


For your reference:

Hi @pratyusha_gandham

When using right click to save the file you will get save dialog popup window use type into activity and rename the filename and do the manipulations


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