Downloading pdf files and moving files issue

Hello! Iam downloading pdf files in download folder and after that once it get downloaded iam moving all that pdf files to a specific pdf folder…My issue in this process is sometime the pdf get moved and most of the time it is leaving 1 pdf in downloads folder…And i have kept that move activity inside retry scope…Example there are 4 pdf’s it is only moving 3 pdf’s and it is leaving one in downloads…And sometime all files get moved.


Can you please show your code?

Is the pdf left is the last one downloaded?

If yes then before it is getting completely downloaded only you might have atarted moving files…try using wait for download activity


@Anil_G i have used wait for download after it get downloaded i am moving all the files.


Can you please confirm if it is the last file…it might be needed to add ignore extensions for temporary extensions…so that the wait for downlod waits till complete file is downloaded

Can you try that or show your code


@Anil_G yes it is not moving last file.

@Anil_G how can i add temporary extension?


This is where you can specify



@Anil_G what should i specify over there can you jst tell me?

@Anil_G My pdf name is INVG54321 thesee are the different name of my pdf


Generally as specified there as well you can start with "tmp,dwn,crdownload"

These are few temp extensions

To know if anything else is coming for you…while downloading open the folder and see what extension file is having when the file is being downloaded

Hope this helps


Thank you bro it worked

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