Unable to update email id to use my work email ID

Tried to change email (personal email was used at the time of Signing up in forum) in forum account to my my work email id to see if the course completion in academy(academy has my work email id) will be reflected in forum while assigning badges. Got an email confirmation link, but after clicking on the link, I am prompted to create new forum account with the work email id. Unable to login using work email ID.

If I create new forum account, will the activities, topics I posted/responded, conversations, my earned badges with old email id account be lost? or will they be available even in new account?

@Forum_Staff - Could someone comment about the link between Academy and Forums with the switch to SSO?

Hi @Snigdha_S

Currently the Academy integration with Forum is on-hold as we iron out our new implementation between the two platforms. As such, the robot that would previously grant you the Academy badges on the Forum is no longer active.

As far as your account troubles and the ability to sync everything together in the future -> you should use 1 email address for all accounts.

UiPath SSO login comes from platform.uipath.com and Connect. It is then used to log you in to every other platform based on the email and data you have on that platform.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the email on platform.uipath.com or Connect just yet. This limits your options a bit, but you can change your email on most of the other platforms (for sure on Forum, I think also on Academy, and if not, contact our Academy Support and they will take care of that).

I hope it clarifies things a bit :slight_smile: