How to copy data from Notepad to Excel

I have this data and I need to paste that data in Excel file. But I need that every piece of information is in its cell.

Can someone help me?

I’ve tried multiple ways but nothing seems to work.

file.txt (522 Bytes)

well you can split first into new line
then you can split based on spaces! and add it to collection after that you can loop through the collections and add it to the excel


Looks like the data you have in text file is delimited with tab. Follow the steps to convert this raw data to excel.

  1. Read text file using Read text file activity.
  2. Built a data table with required column count.
  3. Use a for each activity and pass the read text data into ‘Values’ as readData.Split(New String( {Environment.NewLine}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries). (This will split the data line by line)
  4. Then for each line split the line data using Tab delimiter and use add data row activity to populate the data table.
  5. Use write range activity to create or populate excel with the built datatable.


1.First use Read Text File Activity pass the path of text file create output variable.
2.Next Use Generate Data Table Activity in properties input you can pass output variable and then create Output Data Table variable.
3.And then use Write Range Activity pass Data Table Variable.


Kommi jeevan.

Hi ,

  1. Move the text file and change the name from “file.txt” to “file.csv” .
  2. Read the CSV with delimiter of “TAB” .
  3. Write the excel back to the .xlsx file(Or any format).


This is one of the solution.

Can you please give me an example?

@JOHOHO You can have a look in the below screen shot its working for me

Note : In the write csv uncheck AddHeaders properties


For me isn’t working it,s all in some column, I want each data in a separate column.

@JOHOHO Is it possible to share your workflow.

Ty, I succeeded but with a different solution.

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