Copy notepad text to excel?

hi all, im trying to paste a text file onto an excel workbook. The text file looks like this:

It should look something like this:

However, when i try to use read text file and then write cell, it looks like this:

Are there any other methods that would help in this situation? Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

Text file: intructions.txt (607 Bytes)

hi @Aaronlim,

You can try the Following .

  1. Save the Text file as Csv
  2. Read the csv in uipath using read csv activity and get a DataTable.
  3. Take a Right range and write the datatable to excel.


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Hi @Aaronlim

here are the few steps how to convert txt to xlsx

1.First use Read Text File Activity pass the path of text file create output variable.
2.Next Use Generate Data Table Activity in properties input you can pass output variable and then create Output Data Table variable.
3.And then use Write Range Activity pass Data Table Variable.



  1. Move the text file and change the name from “file.txt” to “file.csv” .
  2. Read the CSV with delimiter of “TAB” .
  3. Write the excel back to the .xlsx file(Or any format).


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Try this @Aaronlim


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Managed to solve it using this, thanks for all the help!

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