How to capture a human-computer interaction log in UiPath?

Hey guys,
I’m a UiPath virgin and need your help with this. I’m trying to automatically generate the RPA event logs which capture various human-computer interactions, such as keyboard strokes and mouse clicks (from an internet browser)
Does anyone know how to do it? or is there a different term rather than “user interaction log” in Uipath that i should google? or maybe even some existing tutorial videos regard this matter?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Correct me if i misunderstood you, but it seems like you want to log what an user is doing on you website?
If that is the case i would use javascript: tracking-user-interaction-on-a-website

If it is every time the robot does an mouse click and keyboard stroke i would just save it to the log when the event happens :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for replying me.
And yes! you’re absolutely right. Im just trying to find out a way to capture a human-computer interaction log, not only on a webpage but with a desktop too (such as keyboard input, server login, launching a desktop application, and various data input).
All these are for a future data analysis work, which to analyse which set of tasks belong to a process (such as: creating an email account, replying email).
Is there anything similar to this in UiPath ?

Not other than when the robot is entering af website you Log something like:
Log: open website url
Log: entered username: user

And save this to a file

and you do the same with desktop application.

Else you have to do something like the link i posted and on the computer create an keylogger.

Hi @Anders_Kink, really need your expertise here (again)
So here is a simple process im thinking of, is a “scan through a document, copy and paste the information into a text file/excel”

As the above image reveals, after running the bot 100 times, there is an event log that provide case ID and the action taken in that case ( for eg: A, B, C, D in the image).
Then from this log, i can tell the probability of which path did the bot took more.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Seems like you already have a plan for what to do, seems cool. What can i help with? :slight_smile:

So here is a simple process im thinking of, is a “scan through a document, count total words in the document, print out some message” - the document only have 1 or few sentences

As the above image reveals, A,B,C,D,E… is an individual task. After running the bot 20 times, there is an event log that provide
Column 1: case ID
Column 2: the action taken in that case.
For example. if a document has less than 10 words, print out a message say " there are 10 words in this document". if there are 10-30 words in the document, print out a different message and email the admin(which is me) at the same time. If there are 30-50 words in the document, email the admin and create a copy of this document.
Are these possible with UiPath?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Sorry for answering you after so long.

Yeah should be possible, just read the document in an “for each” an on condition like “if” or “switch case” do your code. Hope this make sense.

Maybe you have already figured it out yourself?

Have you looked into REFramework it handles a lot of the logging and you can create the custom logs you need.

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@Anders_Kink, thank you for your reply. Currently i’m using Smart Log add-on, and the customized log is like this:

Yet, i’m still looking for a more detailed log. Can REFramework do such thing?