How to use uipath robot logs to create event logs for process mining

Can RPA Robot jobs be configured so that, at a minimum, the logs contain a CaseID, ActivityID and Timestamp to populate an event log for use in Process Mining?

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You can use add log fields activity to add the required fields to the log messages from the robot or studio


You can then use the UiPath Robot Log to populate an event log for use in Process Mining.

To achieve this, you can use the Log Message activity to log the desired information to the UiPath Robot Log.

You can choose the log level you want in log message activity (e.g., Info, Warning, Error)

For Example in log message activity with Info as log level

LogMessage("CaseID: " + CurrentProcessInstance.CaseID + ", ActivityID: " + CurrentActivity.ActivityID + ", Timestamp: " + DateTime.Now.ToString(), LogLevel.Information)

Hope this helps

Cheers @karlv

Thanks very much! Is it also possible to create two timestamps? A start and end? For the same action/caseID. I can understand how some things like a ‘click’ this is not possible. For some Activities, having a duration is useful. I also assume the log can capture UserID info as well?

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it is possible to create two timestamps, a start and end, for the same action/case ID in UiPath Robot jobs. You can do this by using the Log Message activity to log the start and end timestamps of the activity.
Like this

"CaseID: " + CurrentProcessInstance.CaseID + ", ActivityID: " + CurrentActivity.ActivityID + ", Timestamp: " + DateTime.Now.ToString()

To get the user I’d


OK, so what you’re saying is that you use the same code but use it twice. Yes, that’s actually pretty obvious and I should have thought of that.

Thanks for the UserName code too.

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Ideally adding log fields will help in getting the values separately as well into different fields


Yeah that captures the log with time either
Hope it’s clarified @karlv



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