UIPATH Captcha Guess Process

A Robotic Process on a website which authenticates through captcha will hinder the process. Using Tensorflow Deeplearning, we have evolved a process in breaking the captcha (SImple Ones).



@cosmo83 - This is cool. If you can provide more details on how you have achieved this using Tensorflow Deeplearning, that would be helpful! A simple bullet list on the steps involved would be great.

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First we need to train our neural network about the expected output. SInce most of the websites use SimpleCaptcha (http://simplecaptcha.sourceforge.net/custom_images.html), we have created a training network of 50,000 images and passed them for training to our tensorflow network. We have choosen 6 digit numbers as our character length (All numbers) in making the training set.

Once we created the training set, it was just waiting for a day to make sure the Neural Network got trained.

With the evaluation working @ 0.01 loss, we have create a small HTTP Service with the same and called the same with uipath.

The process could be repeated with all simple captchas

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