Verify Issues with login a site

Hi all,

I want to login one website. After providing credentials they are asking these:-

Every time it is changed. How can I deal with this issue in UIPATH?

Please give a suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
@ClaytonM @palindrome @Roboz

Good question.
I don’t know if this has been answered that well yet. I mean you can use a 3rd-party Captcha solver, but this could go against the website’s TOS, so you might need to work with the owner of the site.

I also, don’t know the algorithm of this particular captcha; for all I know, you could randomly select the boxes until you solve it :thinking:

Others might be able to answer this better than I.

@Jayesh_678: as far as I know deathbycaptcha and 2captcha does not offer any service to bypass picture captcha.

May be you can use or train any deep learning model to identify these images. I hope that can be achieved by IBM Watson.

Ha ha good one ,
As i dont think uipath having any facility to image recognition yet for identifying what are the things inside having ,

But if u can provide us more details about this we might be help, because this capture appears as a reason of security level identification, so that generally if you provide it by manual one time correctly it won’t visible again

Or feel like you are trying creating users…,trying user credentials…:thinking:

We will disable this security feature from server side.