How to build a bot with no functional documents

I was asked the following question in an interview:

As a developer, how would you successfully implement a bot if you had no documentation (PDD, functional requirements questionnaire, Process Design instruction, etc.)?

That’s where you should ask questions. “What do we know about the process?” “What’s the criticality of the process?” Supposing the answer to the first question indicates that you only know the process as it was dictated to you, you could say that you would have several touchpoint meetings with the person requesting the process during development. As for the second question, if this is critical, you would put the strongest focus on building the process first. Otherwise, you would need to create the PDD in the meantime in favor of having strong documentation.

There are different ways of answering the question, but the bottom line is that the interviewer wants to know how you handle situations where you don’t have fully-written requirements. In other words, they’re checking how flexible you are.

Hello @Anthony_Humphries and thanks for the response.

I think you are right about the interviewer wanting to test my flexibility. And I will definitely use your response to this question to my advantage whenever I am in this real-life scenario in the future. Thanks again.