Explorer Expert really cool but how about an idea


I’ve just tried Explorer Expert and it’s really cool!
The generated xaml did not work perfectly but looks very promising.
Regarding PDD I am most excited about the Statistics part with the number of clicks and windows used in the process.

What I would like to have here - generate PDD based on already created xaml file

Do you think that’s possible?

Best regards

Hey @V_R,

That’s actually an idea with great potential!
really would be cool to hear WHY would you like to document something you’ve already implemented, so would be grateful to hear about usecases!


Вітання зі Львова, @sasha.reminnyi :smile:

Yes, I know cases that robots are running for some time with processes that are not documented or documented partially
And I agree this is not even close to “the best practice”. We have what we have

So I’m just saying it would a nice feature to have. Even as an addition to the documentation that already in place

A good potential use case would be a bottom up approach where bots are build first without a PDD.

  1. Internal teams build versus outsource to developers. Do we need PDD first to start bot building? Business users are the developers and they own/run the bot.
  2. Business users have intimate knowledge of their processes.
  3. Use case may evolve after bots are built; business requirements changes so original problem statement need to revised.
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