Questions to ask a client for optimized info



Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there is a template document of questions or a questionnaire that covers the important specifications for development. I’m writing here because i didn’t find anything useful on the web, and for sure any answer will be useful for future developers.

For example before analyzing the workflow business, what kind of information you need to know.

It is a rules-based process, does it needs human judgement? //does the robot has to wait for human confirmation
What are the applications that will interact with the robot? //excel, word, sap
Does the process involve structured or unstructured data? //working with table structured data or text
Are there a high number of exceptions in the project? //the less the better
Is the process fairly static? //the more dynamic the harder to create flawless rules
Are there any security constrains or rules? //maybe there is needed some special access
What kind of automation is more needed/used for the process, browser or windows apps? //web or desktop automation
In the process is there a need for OCR? //
Does it involves lots of data grids? //
Does the process need to run in a virtual environment(citrix)? //
Will the automation involve parsing unstructured data? //
How difficult will it be to get an appropriate amount of test data from the users? //this will affect the testing phase
Where will development and testing take place? //make sure you have everything you need for developing and testing
What kind of files will be mainly processed? //ex pdf when you will be working with invoices

These are the examples that I found. I’ve searched a lot, and found little relevant info regarding this matter. The web is abundant with business like info, but very little when it comes to the technical side. Any kind of idea/suggestion/link/documentation regarding this issue is most welcome, don’t hold back :slight_smile:

Thank you very much,


For my team we have Subject Matter Experts from the relevant area of the business to make decisions on the work as it’s being developed. So maybe something along the lines of who makes business affecting decisions or signs off the work as satisfactorily complete.