RPA Pre-Dev Checklist (PAC)

Have you found that when you start to ‘build-a-bot’ many of the pre-requisites are not in place?? …no PDD, no test data, no process exceptions listed… :astonished: …which all causes time delays!

So…we created a Pre-Automation Checklist (PAC) to help the business! If you find this useful, you are welcome to reuse it…and I welcome suggestions on how it can be improved and what additional items you might add…

Pre-Dev Checklist

Pre-Automation-Checklist v0.5.pdf (60.4 KB)


Hey there. Do you know how a developer can successfully build a bot if they have no documentation (PDD, etc.)?

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Hey @lomasd12, so how would you know the process if its not documented, so basically a PDD can be anything, i have worked on projects without a formal PDD but a client or stakeholder/end user would record a video of the entire process and then i would use that instead of the PDD or sometimes they take screenshots of each page, highlighting where to click, where to paste what information. But if possible you must demand a proper process flow diagram and again if possible get ask for a screenshots or a video together with the PDD. Because you need as much information as possible, you need to know every detail of the process so you can build a robot that will perform better. ask more questions and take notes of your own. Working without a PDD is more like shooting yourself in the foot unless if you know the process that well then you might not need it.

@T.J.S, thanks so much for the checklist, i will share this with my team and if there are any changes we make to it, i will post it back here.

Hey there @SenzoD. This info you gave was very helpful. I was asked this in an interview today and it caught me off guard. My answer was to reach out to the business analyst and ask follow up questions and get as much help from the BA as I can. I hope it was a good answer. But your suggestions will definitely be used by me in the future. Thanks again!

i think you gave a good answer, if you are a freelancer you would ask for information yourself but if you are in a company setting where a BA does all the communication with Client and collects Data, the answer you gave is the correct one.

Best of luck man, hope you get the job. :wink:

Your confirmation gives me more confidence in the answer I gave. Thanks again.