UI Path not performing a "Select Item" activity after attaching a window


My bot is not wanting to perform a very simple task that I also have earlier in a sequence, and it is to select an item after having switched to another window. It just stops there. Would anyone know if I have to add another function / option ?

Thanks !

  1. Since you mentioned that you are moving to new window, check the selector by testing the select activity manually.
  2. If select item doesn’t work. Use a basic click and send hot keys for down/up + enter.
  3. Another option would be using a type into activity and entering the correct name in the field. “your selection”

Let me know if anyone of these work.

Hi @Michelle8,

Kindly add attach window activity and indicate the next Page window as element, then select the item you want to …it will work Buddy…!


Hi, thank you for the reply. OK so I tried this but it did not work. Here is my original sequence.

Hi, thank you for the reply. Could you please indicate to me precisely (ie name of activity) how to indicate the next Page window as element.

Thanks !



You were actually right with the activity buddy , the name of the activity is
Attach window activity

I think there is some problem in selecting the item, use click item to select or send hotkeys to select from the drop dow.

If you dont mind can i have a view on your xaml and it would be very helpful to sort this issue, because i would like confirm whether the problem is with select item activity or with attach windows selectors, once


Hi, here it is (hopefully I am doing this right).

Extracting from CFMRS.xaml (65.7 KB)


Fine buddy,you are actually doing right…

And the issue is with attach window activity, i.e here in the image

  1. attach window ‘Tasklistt’, you have a different selector,
  2. Hope you are using click activity to get back to another window, so now the window gets changed and the full selector will get mismatched with the point1(attach window - full selector)

to solve this add another attach window inside this attach window ‘Tasklistt’ and then place the select item ‘Select’ - activity inside this attach window…
like this


this will work…


Buddy…!Kindly try the above method that was the issue,

I have some other suggestions for you to take into consideration while switching between different screens while executing the process
Kindly don’t use Click activity to switch to another window by clicking on the window list in task, It might lead to error at any time, instead use send hotkey activity with alt tab as value that can switch to another window, to make sure you have switched to the right window keep that activity in retry scrope and use a element exist activity as a condition to check with an element in the needed window to be switched, try until you get to the correct window…

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Hi ! Ok, this actually worked ! But I also had to go in “Edit selector”. And just by trial-and-error, I realized that I had to remove a portion and then I got the green “Validate” button !

Thank you also for the other suggestions which I will have to try for sure.


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Hi @Michelle8,
Thats amazing…keep going buddy…

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