How to avoid 'tableRow+number' and use name reference instead in SAP automation?


One of the steps in automating an SAP flow is to select a ‘variant’ in a catalogue. The one to select stands on the 3rd position at this moment, but can move to another place in the future. How can I avoid the reference ‘tableRow 3’ and use the name of the variant ?

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Hello Riana,

I assume that you don’t have an attribute such as ‘text’ or ‘aaname’ in the selector, or you can type into the name of the variant?

Maybe you have an option to search for the value in the catalogue?

Eventually, you could try to find the row with proper variant before clicking by iterating through the table and checking if the current UiElement has the variant you’re looking for in one of the attributes (the onse you cannot add in the selector - from Property Explorer tab in the UiExplorer Window).

It would be easier to help if you shared screenshots of the UiExplorer Window with selector details and of the view of the catalogue. :slight_smile:

Hello Anna,

this is what I mean :


Thanks for your help.

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Thank you for adding the screenshots. :slight_smile:

I see that the filter option is available. You can use it to filter the table by “Naam variant” column to search the variant that you are looking for. Then, the variant should be always in the first row (I assume that the names of the variants are unique):slight_smile:

Or the second option - using “Search” button, but I am not sure how it works exactly.


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Hello Anna,

thanks so much ! It works with the filter.

Do you know the difference between ‘Click’ and ‘Get text’? I have other steps without the possibility to use the filter or search function. I record some of them with ‘Text - Mouse - Click’ and than I select the value I want. But this is not working after I selected an item with the right mouse button … The UI element is no longer available is the message I get. So that’s what I’m looking for another activity to capture the name of the value that I want instead of its position …

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