Double Click Text :Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector

Hello guys,

I am new to uipath and facing an issue here, when I am trying to automate the SAP application.
Scenario: 1) I am accessing some T-code and then I click on Get variant icon.
2) A new window(Get Variant) opens up & display some non editable variant name, I just want to select the same variant name (Pre-existing) which is already showing up on window and run.
Expected: with double click on that variant name, it should execute and allow me for further steps to run the report.

I am able to run the code till it shows the variant window with pre-existing variant name in it. only issue is the variant is not getting captured with double click or double click with text.
At the end it gives error : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector

Can anyone help me regarding this?

Hi Meenal,
Is selector available, is it dynamic or static- you can check this, Or is it working with Get Text activity. Use scrapping also and then tell whether you able to get the text of variant.

Or if you can share the screenshot of the window, people can understand well.

Hi @meenal.pathak,

This issue normally occurs when a selector doesn’t validate. Take a look at the selector you are using, and try to make it stronger by removing attributes it doesn’t need, or replacing attributes that are changing with wildcards (*). This could be any number of things, from the title of the page, to the name of the button you are clicking on.

As @sachinbhardwaj has said, a screenshot of your selector and a screenshot of the element you’re tying to click on would be helpful.


it seems dynamic. I tried get text activity but it doesn’t work.
I am attaching the screenshot. So if you see, I just need to either double click or click on text appearing under Variant name and run.


yes after I execute the file, its not validating the selector and also the value is changing. I tried get text activity and also replaces the ctrlid with *

but it doesn’t work.
I am attaching the screenshot. So if you see, I just need to either double click or click on text appearing under Variant name and run.

Hi @meenal.pathak,

Does the variant name vary at all? If the name is included in an attribute of your selector, that should be replaced with a wildcard.

Could you attach a screenshot of the UiExplorer with your selector in?

I’ve attached the selector for your ref. so 1st ctrlid starting with 22** does change after execution.
Thanks in advance for your prompt replies

Hi Minal, Try this link

Scroll it down, there is section of " Automating SAP via Click on Text and Screen Scraping", and tell us whether you able to use that or not.

Secondly you can directly Attach this window and use Send hot key, Or use Click OCR Text.

I tried this but it is partially working, meaning it does select the variant name but double click doesn’t work. But now I have bypassed the step of auto selection of variant and entering the values instead. So now able to successfully proceed.
Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

i got 2 ideas

  • try wild cards (*) for the selector to be dynamic
  • for SAP navigation its better to navigate using hotkeys and shortcuts its quicker and more efficient

HI @meenal.pathak

I would highly recommend to read this post

And as a first step attend this course:

Completely new SAP Academy course , to help you to learn the automation techniques and the best practices for SAP WinGUI automation

From your screenshots, it is clear, that you do not have SAP scripting enabled and this is the reason for all your troubles.


  • get SAP academy course done
  • enable SAP scripting

Best regards, Lev