Typing into a table in SAP

I am trying to change a value in a table for multiple variants in SAP… the problem is, the position of what I need to changes varies per variant…
For example:
In one variant the thing I need to change is in row 2, in another row 7…

Any help?

What I tried:
Editing the selector to remove row
Using anchor base
Using Find Image

As you want to change inside a table of SAP application, since in table you can have table row and table column as attributes, can’t you use this and create a dynamic selector based on your conditions and give it a counter variable and pass it to the selector and increment the counter and this should be able to solve the issue.

Let us know if more info needed on this.
Pavan H

create a dynamic selector, or try with keystrokes

But if I make the table row and column dynamic, how will UiPath know what field to type into? All the selectors are the same besides the row and column

Hi, you can use the counter variabile of type integer and then in type into use the variable for the attribute tablecol or tablerow and then increment the counter and loop back to type into based on your conditions.
Pavan H

Here is my selector I am using to iterate through, but for some reason it continues to select the same one even after I Incriment