How to avoid readonly excel file error while updating data

While using write cell inside excel application scope. i am getting below error:
“File ABC.xlsx is read only and can not be overwritten. It has been saved as file ABC.xlsx at Source:”
Some times.
how to resolve this?

@rsahu Have you checked Read Only in the Properties Panel of Excel Application Scope ?

no. How it will help?
i am guessing if check it, i can’t write cell or update any data.

@rsahu Yes.

Ok thanks. but in my excel application scope. read only is unchecked. still i am getting this issue some time.

@rsahu As a best practice use Kill Process Activity Before you use Excel Scope and another Kill Process After you use Excel Scope and Check if it works.

If Problem still Exists, then it would mean the file maybe set to read only. Also Check Auto Save Option. Or Only use Auto Save Option and let other options be unchecked when you are modifying the file.