Error After Update : Excel File cannot be overwritten

Hi All,

I have updated my Studio and the latest version is 2023.2.0 Community Edition.

When I’m using Excel Activities to read and write data, It is creating a copy of that excel file and throwing an error :

Sample.xlsx is read only and can not be overwritten. It has been saved as Sample(1).xlsx

Could someone help me with the changes please.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


Can you please use modern excel activities instead of the classic activities…May be that is causing the issue


Because your excel opening in read only mode

How to change it?

Use kill excel process before that activity use read range worksheet activity rather then excel application scpe


You can check in excel application scope if you have selected read only option




Did you try with using modern activities?

And can you check the file if it s in readonly mode…

You can check that by opening file and go to options and see if read only is selected…


But I’m performing multiple actions in single excel file. So I want to use Excel Application Scope.

Yes I tried using modern activity. But Microsoft version is not supporting in my system.


Can you try saving the excel file using save as and try…may be the file is corrupted…

Also open task manager and check if any background excel is open…Microsoft excel is what you will find as process


Can you tell the navigation. I’m not finding that option. GEnerally in properties it is unchecked


Open the file…then click on file from
The top menu.and check there for these details…

And can you confirm if you have microsoft excel installed?

If not please use workbook activities as excel application acope is supported for microsoft excel only and not for wps office


I have Microsoft Excel 2007
Also I’m using WPS. Before it used to work with WPS.
After Updating to 2023 version, It’s throwing such errors


May be its a one of case it worked…But as per official documentation wps is not supported in excel actviites and only microsoft excel is supported

so better try using workbook activities which does not required any office to be installed


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Hey @Vaishnav_Tej,
After the read range in the excel scope close the workbook pass out argument like this
After that in new excel scope use the write range it will solve your issue.


Hi @Vaishnav_Tej,

This issue may be caused by the Protected View setting in Excel, which can prevent the file from being overwritten. To resolve this issue, you can try disabling Protected View in Excel:

  1. Open Excel and go to the “File” tab.
  2. Select “Options” and then select “Trust Center”.
  3. Click on “Trust Center Settings” and then select “Protected View”.
  4. Uncheck the boxes for “Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet” and “Enable Protected View for files located in potentially unsafe locations”.
  5. Click “OK” to save the changes.