Login to web using Microsoft credentials

Hi, Using uipath studio x
I need to login to a website .How to automate login with Microsoft credentials.

Is that possible :thinking: . Every it ask for login OTP.


In unattended mode this is not possible. but we can automate with attended mode.]

for that please follow the below stps:

1.Take one Open browser activity and pass the URL.
2.Take one maximize activity! inside the do block.
3.Then use type into for userName
4.Take one more type into for Password
5.Take one click activity to submit!
6.Take one Input Dialogue activity output as OTP! this is will ask the user to enter the otp.
7.Take one type into activity and indicate it on otp field pass the value as OTP(Which is the output of input dialogue activity)

The problem with this you’ve to enter the otp manually in attended mode. if you trigger thus process this will wait until and unless manually entered the OTP.


Thanks :blush:!.

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I hope you got the expected solution. if you think this answer helps you find solution mark the post as solution. so this might help ppl to get the solution.


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