How to automate two factor authentication?


I have a process where there is 2 factor authentication. First by username/password which can be done easily and 2nd by security code received on a mobile device. The security code is received only on a cell phone and not on the email. Until this security code is typed the login process fails. I was searching this and found a link ‘’. Can this link be a help or is there some other way to do this if there is any.

Rameez Imtiaz

Yah I hope that would work
Because if we get by mail as well it would be way more easier
Cheers @rameezimtiaz

I am not getting any email just a 6 digit code on a mobile phone

Yah that’s what buddy
If we get that code via mail it would be easier
As we don’t get by that and no specific activity for such authentication, this component would help us
Cheers @rameezimtiaz

Any idea @Palaniyappan how to use the component?

@Palaniyappan I just tried. It creates a secret code. I don’t want to create it. I want already sent code on a mobile device to UiPath somehow if its possible

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Hmm. I haven’t seen any activity to read SMS
but do we have a chance to get the code from mail

which code?

I meant like programming code like vb net or c#

In order to use that package; the OTP provider must support that method, this is how something like Authy, Google Authenticate, etc would work. We use this package for the OTP from Salesforce instead of Email.

If your only means is by SMS, I would look at a messaging provider that allows you to send/receive SMS messages with an API, there would be a cost involved most likely.

Another option, if neither of the above is an option and you are not using attended robots, might be to look at the new human-in-the-loop capabilities while I think it could work… generally OTPs are short lived (30-60 seconds) but I have seen some be configured for 15-60 minute rotations, so your human would have to be pretty prompt.

@rameezimtiaz - Which service is this for and do you have any other options for configuring the 2FA for something other than SMS?

Why would we need a code for mail? We have activities that get data from mail. right?

I also use 2fa via google authenticator key in many applications. But the only problem was Transfer Google Authenticator. It’s actually quite simple to Transfer Google Authenticator to a New iPhone, as in my case. Fortunately, it is easy to transfer google authenticator new phone using a key backup. It is easy to deal with configuration and possible problems by contacting support, they are always ready to help. In a high-quality 2fa solution, all the necessary options and types for protection are provided, you also need to understand a little about the pre-settings and it is possible to conduct some intermediary work.