How to automate login to website that requires 2-factor-authentication via SMS

Hi all,

I know i could make use of credentials to help me login to website. However, the website requires me to enter a 6-digits code send to my phone via SMS. Any solution to overcome this issue?


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This may not be a solution to your question :slight_smile: , Are you getting OTP to your mobile along with mail ? If so, we can do it better by reading the mails. There is direct way to read the messages in the mobile I hope.

Or else you can use a custom Input activity to enter the number manually by the user.

I’m excited to know if any other direct way from the experts :slight_smile:

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—I hope if we have an option of getting sms from a mobile then we would be getting a mail as well
—if so we can make this happen like once entering the first set of credentials with common type into and click activities after which we will be in need to enter the second authentication which we can get from mail using get outlook mail activity or get exchange mail activity with unique subject as filter and get the output as a list of mailmessages and enabling the property onlyunreadmessage and TOP property with a value of 1 or 2
—then we can use a for each loop and pass the above list variable as input keeping the type argument property as mailmesage
—inside the loop we can use string manipulation like split or regex method to get the authentication code

—then we can enter that to the application we want

Hope this would help you
Kindly let know for any queries or clarification or even ifs not possible with mail

Cheers @Ahyong85

Hello, do you have any alternative?
There is not possible to use email, the only one option is using SMS.
Have you ever solve this requirement?
Thank you

Hi, Any solution to this problem?