Unattended Robot and two factor authentification

Hello everyone,

I am building a robot that connect on a website.
My problem is the website have a two factor authentification with sms authentification, is there any way to avoid or automate this ?
The sms is required on the website.
I want the robot to be Unattended if it is possible.

Hello @AlexMarc ,

We cant avoid it using autoamtion. Is it possible to disable the 2 factor authentication for the ID which you are using for automation?

unfortunately we can’t disable it but if there is no solution, i will probably let the robot attended.

Thank you for your answer.

Is there a way get this authentication OTP to the email instead as SMS?

Hi @AlexMarc ,

Maybe you could try Checking the Marketplace for any components that suit your requirements, like for a particular requirement mentioned below :

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Refer to this doc as well to understand more on the 2 factor authentication.

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Sure, i will check it ! Thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot for your help !

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Does your carrier allow you to access the SMS using API call to their server?

If not, maybe you could use a virtual phone number for receiving SMS and then retrieve the text from the provider’s website.

A virtual phone is a great idea thanks ! I’m writting all solutions i can find for my manager.

Thank you

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