Two factor authentication to connect to office 365

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I am still facing the issues for two-factor authentication.

I am using microsoft authenticator for two factor authentication. I am approving through app. I can change this method to SMS but not email… These sms or app are the two default options.

For the secret key you are asking to generate throgh the microsoft sign in process… we dont get can’t see bar code… can’t use mobile all time. it cannot generate secret key and there is no documentation regarding the two factor authentication in uipath forum or anywhere… How can we explore or complete the solution? Please help us out.

Hey Shraddha did you get any update on this problem statement ?

im hoping you guys can provide a feedback regarding this issue as i am also looking for the similar solution for this problem statement. thanks

Hi @shraddha071987

It looks to be supported for attended automation scenarios, see here:

And then an overview how it works here:

And a full guide on how to set it up here:

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@shraddha071987 - like @loginerror said the interactive token method works well with attended automation. Can you maybe explain the problem a little bit more in detail? Is there a direct reason for not using the “normal” outlook activities for example?

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