How to automate package upload/deployment from DEV to PROD

We currently operate a process whereby the Developer will email the Admin team when they have an RPA automation that has been tested in our DEV environment and they want to move to PROD.

One on the admin team then downloads the package from DEV and uploaded it in prod.

I would like to automate this and the only solution I’m thinking of is a Prod unattended Robot that get’s the email instead of the admin team and does the tasks.
Alternatively, because all our developers also have an attended robot, they could kick off a Job that would do this too.

Is there any other solution I should consider.
We do use GitLab for our source code but not the .nupkg file but maybe we could also store that in GitLab and have some kind of CI/CD pipeline that would move to prod.

Would be interested to hear from anyone who has done either or even have a different solution.


Hi, This can be achieved through Dispatcher and Performer.
Dispatcher - This bot will do monitoring of emails once received it add the information to queue.
Performer Bot - This bot will pick information from queue and start downloading and uploading packages to prod environment.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I haven’t used Dispatcher and Performer before but I did just now look at some YouTube videos on it.
Is there an Activity to download and upload packages I can use within Dispatcher and performer ?

Hi @johnom,
there is a tutorial on how to do CI/CD within UiPath platform.

You need a pipeline and a trigger like pushing code to a specific branch. Furthermore the nupkg packages can be copied to different feeds of your Orchestrators. No dedicated Robots needed.

btw: I am currently establishing CI/CD in my organization and will let you know the outcomes as soon as possible.

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This is really helpful @dan.rpa
I’m hoping that the azzure pipeline they shared in that topic can be used just as easily for an on-prem deployment using GitLab CI/CD.
Please keep me in the loop with your progress and I will do the same on my end.