Push or Pull deployment files


Can anybody explain the difference of the deployment process of UiPath RDA and RPA? Does the Orchestrator pushes or Robot agent pulls the updates on packages?


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If your studio connected to Orchestrator then published projects will directly go to orchestrator processes page but we have to update new package from old page and also if you want we can roll back to old package.

If you are not connected to orchestrator then published projects will be under system tray and once you published new one it will ask you for update and then you have to update it.

Hi @Asiri,
As @lakshman said yes it is true and also I indented to know about what is RDA and RPA.
Here I don’t want to give explanation about RPA. I have read a nice article about RDA. It is given by UIPath in blog. Just I want to share it here.

Thank you @Asiri.



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