How to automate Chrome-based Masks embedded inside a Java-Program?

Hello everybody,

does anyone have a clue how to automate an application that appears to be 90% Java programmed, but then uses embedded chrome-core-masks in certain places?

  • UiPath Explorer cannot identify any Items or Fields inside the embedded mask, so I can’t access the fields directly
  • All kinds of Screen-Scraping failed on this kind of Chrome-Submasks (Error-Message: “AUTOMATIC method failed to scrape this UI Element”)
  • The Chrome-Core-Elements seem to be 100% embedded inside the java-app i have to automate
  • There is no Chrome or Chromium-Browser installed on the System
  • I didn’t find a way to install or activate the UiPath Chrome-Plugin to access these elements
  • At the moment there is no permission to install a Chrome or Chromium-Browser on the system I’m working with

Does anyone have an idea for a possible solution? I would be very grateful for any kind of tips or hints.


Not directly related, but I would recommend checking out the UiPath SAP Automation course. The course explains how to automate certain fields for which it is difficult or impossible to build selectors.

Some relevant ideas to try for your case:

  • Use the “Click Text” activity. It sounds like you tried this, but you could try using OCR instead of a normal screen scrape.
  • Use the “Click Image” activity with anchors. It looks like there are some unique images you could click relative to in order to get your desired fields.
  • Use the “Type into” activity without a selector. This should type wherever your cursor is.

As a thought, you could open up the Citrix recorder and try some of the methods therein. It sounds like you are effectively in a Citrix environment (no selectors, no access to the underlying window structure, etc.) so it may be worth a shot.