Use chrome not as a browser?

Hi All,

I would like to ask if it is possible to make chrome to be treated like a normal application not like a browser to avoid the error of plugin not installed that gets fired when UIpath interact with the browser since I cannot install the plugin to chrome.

Thank you.


you can treat browser like normal win32 app and have access to all win32 element.
if you want to access HTML element you will not able to access any of them because automation needs chrome driver to have access over DOM(Or HTML element)


Its not possible. If you open as normal application then what you will do with that ?

Have you installed chrome extension or not ? Are you facing any issue here ?

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oh okay, I thought I can just emulate clicks on the browser web page without needing the browser extension.
I don’t want to access the html elements or click on them as html elements. all i want is to perform click on a specific location of the Screen. to avoid installing chrome extension.

Hi Lakshman,

I m not able to install chrome extension as it is blocked by IT. I have applied for approval, but it will take a lot of time. I just wanted to gain time and was hoping that uipath may be able to perform click on screen on specific locations without considering the element it is clicking on (in this case an html element).

Thank you.


You can work with some other browser like IE, Microsoft Edge and Fifefox…

yeah, i know. but we are using chrome as main ecosystem. so all google services such as gmail, drive…etc (which i m trying to automate) can only be used in chrome browser.

Thank you for your help.