How to autofill the excel formulas Kindly help from cell "L" to "w"

I will append value from “A” to"K" it may start from any rows so after that i need to autofill all the columns from “L” to “W”. If any help much appreciated guys

Hi @Aravinthan

You can use a read range activity to get the excel data onto a datatable. Then use a for each row activity to loop through the data rows. Within the loop have a set of assign activities to update the column with the append commands you need. Hope it helps?

bro already the excel his filled with formula’s if we drag itself the required output will be populated.So iam choosing “Auto Fill”

@lakshman Bro any idea regarding this

Copy the excel sheet
Write range pass empty for whole sheet
And write the content what ever you want if you do like these means formula will not effect

need to drag the formula for empty rows bro