Auto fill formula in an entire excel column

I am trying to send a hotkey to auto fill the formula by selecting a range in an excel, but this isn’t working
PFB SS for better understanding
In the SS:
I have written a formula in W6 cell, selected a range but when I am sending a hotkey the formula isn’t applying for the entire column.



Hi @PDcoder

  • We have an activity to auto fill the formula Auto fill range
  • You can enter the formula Using Write Range.
  • In **Auto fill Range we just have to provide Source Range Which contains our Formula nad destination Range Which where we have to fill the Formula.
    Thanks & Regards

Hi Jitendra_123
We followed the steps you provided,but getting attached error.

Hi @marirajamca1
Make sure in the destination range you are providing range from source cell to destination cell. If your formula is in A2 Cell Then Your Source Range will be “A2” and if you want to fill this formula up to A10 Cell then your destination range will be “A2:A10”. I hope this will help you.
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