How to fill the formula in a each column in excel

I have excel sheet …I am having many columns in that 5 column named as calculator…In each calculator column I need to fill the formula…As filled like below
please find the image below to have better understanding

Please suggest me best approach


you can use the "Write cell " activity for writing the formula
have a look in this thread->

Please suggest me some sample for my datatable

you can go with vba and just do it manually and record and use

How to do that? can u please help on this

go to excel > developer > record macro> do your manual action > stop recording > macros> macro name> edit code

copy and paste the code in notpad and use invoke vba activity and mention code filepath and macro name

file should save as text file


You can use auto fill range
Take a write cell and write the formula . eg column C2
then take auto fill range and give the values as in image reference
auto fill range works in excel application scope only