How to Authenticate JIRA URL without Atlassian API Token and pulling Issues list

Hi Daniela,

How can i get authenticate with JIRA URL in JIRA Get Application Scope . For example, I want authenticate below url in JIRA get application scope.I don’t have atlassian URL. When I am trying to authenticate JIRA with below listed parameters, I am getting “Invalid connection error”.

URL Used :
User name: JIRA login Username
Password : JIRA login Password

and tried atlassian Token API and Username with above url. Then also getting “Invalid connect error”

URL Used :
User name: Atlassian login email id
Token API : Token API generated in Atlassian

Any luck with the solution. I am also facing the similar error and can’t find much help on the internet. Kindly share the solution if you have got one already.

Hi Ameen,

No solution found yet sir. Let know if you found something.


I think it is working for me now.The issue is with the latest version of the GetJiraActivity package.
I have installed the previous version i.e. and it working fine.


It’s a limitation for In House JIRA Servers. They are tracking the requirement in -

Though it can be done if you open for addition of available plugins to generate API Tokens for JIRA Servers.


Here you find a video of how you can do OAuth2 with your Jira:

and if you have configuration ON prem here is an explication:

Cristian Negulescu