Unable to do jira connection


I am trying to connect my project specific jira website using jira application scope .but when i am trying to connect giving following error.

I have created token using Atlassian account this website .
provided token in properties.
provided email same as my jira login and provided my jira link in end point as “https://jira-jiracompanyinfo.mycompanyname.com” but it is able to connect or showing valid after click on test connection when i am using “https://mynamejira.atlassian.net/” this link as endpoint

still error is there.
Kindly help me with same.


Check below for your reference

Hope this helps you


Hello Mathkar,
The correct endpoint for you is https://mynamejira.atlassian.net/
like I show in this movie:
If you want to connect to version OnPrem not Cloud you can see this video:
If you want Oauth2 please check this movie:
Cristian Negulescu

yes checked . i guess i need some access if i am using project specific jira thats what i understood

Yes by using this endpoint it is showing as validated but when i am using get issue list activity and running it is showing as project name does not exist for the field project.
kindly refer below screenshots.

kindly help me with the same issue.

something is wrong on Result displayed command
you have HTTps://jirasitetest.atlassian.net//rest/api/latest/search
here is double net//rest
so your server link should be https://jirasitetest.atlassian.net without on the end /
Then about the user and PROJECT is not so easy you need KEY not name. Watch this movie and understand better the idea:

ok i will watch your movie again.
but not understood what you are saying “you need KEY not name” means can u explain

Take a look on the movie at this time with extract ID

look inside of JSON is called KEY

you need to check inside of your JIRA WEBPAGE inside of the link and from there you will understand what is Your ID / KEY of the project.
Please watch the movies and understand all the steps.

Sure and thanks i wil check and update you

working properly after using demo project in jira .
thanks for you suggestions.
just one thing when i am updating in jira using update issue activity , summery is getting updated but showing error while updating description.

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