How to apply Flow Decision activity in SAP

I want to apply Flow Decision in Outgoing Payment

condition is for-
if item available in List of business partner then click choose or click New. I want to apply flow for this. I attached screenshot so kindly please check it.

i also sent flow so kindly please check itFINAL OUTGOING PAYMENT (2).zip (1.0 MB)


You can try as below

Once you type for search the result will appear on the first row of the list

So after type and filter use Get Text activity to get the value from the first row

And check if the value of your’s is equal to the Get Text value

This will go into Flow Decision as OrginalValue.Equals(GetTextValue)

Hope this may help you


can you please send me a flow of that? i can’t understand what you are saying


You have to get the value from SAP from the first row of the list

Once you store that value use If condition whether your variable value and Gettext value is same or not

I can’t do that in flow, because It requires the access to SAP


I tried that but both time it goes in else side