Using Decision Flow for Variable

Hi all,

Would like to seek your help ion how I can use the decision flow for my data table.
What I want to do is if a row in a data table is “P” it should flow in a particular sequence, “F” to a different one. Pls know that im using variable for this workflow.

@jogayon000 If you want to use check this condition for every row in that datatable, then use flow decision or if loop inside for each data row activity

Hi Manjuts90,

Do you have a sample workflow where I can see how it is used?
I have a for each activity inside the sequence.

@jogayon001 Please check the below workflow.

Flow–.xaml (11.0 KB)

I created workflow considering first column of CSV contains “P” or “F” change it according your requirement

Thanks Majutsu this is really helpful.
One question though, I wanna have a different sequence for “F” but I couldnt figure out where to connect it. See workflow below.Billing_Decsion_Flow.xaml (53.6 KB)

@jogayon001 Check below workflow.

Billing_Decsion_Flow.xaml (53.3 KB)

Use open browser activity outside the for loop

Thanks Manjuts,

This is very helpful. I guess using If activity is better than flowdecision in this workflow:)

Thanks again!

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@jogayon001 If you wanted to use multiple if loops (more than 2 or 3) then go for flow decision only

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