How to add unlisted package to UIPath


so there’s this package I liked but I can’t find it in the manage packages tab anymore because it’s unlisted.

I managed to download the package on the following link but I don’t know how to add it to UIPath.



If you have the .nupkg file you can store it locally. Then in UiPath Studio go to Manage Packages → Settings and add the local directory where you just saved the file. You can then select the local directory and install the package from there.



I couldn’t make it work because I was trying to add the .nupkg file directly.

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@LPlissart in Studio, please click on “Manage Packages” on the top of the Studio window.

Then click on “Settings” on the left column.
And then click on the rectangle with the 3 dots, marked with a red rectangle below.

Then select the nupkg package you have downloaded and select “Add”.

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