How to add the double quote to the string

i have the string TYPE=“Number” how to add the double quote to this ,

Hi akshay u want the string should come Ex: with quotes in the message box

i want to display the “akshay” in the message box .

If it is like that “”“string value”"" please keep ur value in the quotes as i have given

i tried its not working .

for this text

how to add to this , iam getting error

VOUCHER REMOTEID="" VCHKEY="" VCHTYPE=“Journal” ACTION=“Create” OBJVIEW=“Accounting Voucher View”

u want like this right “vchkey” in the output

You can escape a double quote by prefixing it with another.

For instance, you need to print a string “Number” with the quotes.
Use WriteLine and put the String as: “”“Number”"". It will work.

please keep “”“germany”"" then it will come as “germany” as i told in the last reply

@akshaygm12 enclose your string with three double quotes “”“ur string”""

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DoubleQuotedString.xaml (4.9 KB)

Let me know if this solves your problem.