Wanted to add double quotes to a variable

Hi Guys,

I wanted to add a variable to a string and both should be in double quotes, please help me .

Example: ““Description””:"“No items++”"

I wanted to add a variable after No items please help me here

havae a look here:

it can be done with multiple "
with chr(34) and concantenating the double quotes can be created

@ppr i am giving the same inputu while calling the put method in http request.

Body:"{"“number”": ““TASK0888957"”,”“state”": ““2"”,”“assigned_to”": ““AC56742"”}”
Error Msg:"{“error”:{“detail”:"",“message”:“com.glide.rest.domain.ServiceException: Exception while reading request”},“status”:“failure”}"
status code:500

please be a little bit more clear on your case:

  • share your string with us in which the variable is to insert
  • share the expected output

from your last provided sample it cannot be derived what is string what is injected variable
from the above provided example the part with 3 times using " is showcasing on how to set double quotes in strings

@ppr uipath input:"{"“number”": ““TASK0888957"”,”“state”": ““2"”,”“assigned_to”": “AC56742"”}
postman input: :{“number": “TASK0888957”,“state”: “2",“assigned_to": “AC56742”}

above input is the body i am directly hard coding and giving, same i am trying through postman it is working fine but through uipath i am getting 500 status code.

lets do one by one. Focus on the double quotes accordingly to your topic title:


with keeping in mind:

demo xaml here:
DoubleQuotesInString.xaml (4.9 KB)

So step one with the double quotes should be cleared

about the issue with Postman working UiPath not:

  • not matching the title of your post (maybe create a new one)
  • have a search on forum (in several scenarios it was tackled)
  • here also your details are too short (whart was done, which activity was used …)

Just avoid Ping Pongs on description / requirement exchanges. Thanks

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@ppr Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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