How to print string value along with double quotes as "1.txt" and not just 1.txt in logs or in textbox

I am having a string variable strFileName with some value eg. 1.txt. Now I want to update the variable value to also include double-quotes along with the actual value to show as “1.txt”. There are multiple solutions referring to use “”“strFileName”"" but they just print “strFileName” and don’t print the actual string value along with the double-quotes.

Basically, I need this because we have multiple text files in one folder (around 100 files). Few of these files (around 80 files) need to be uploaded to the website. For this the files to be uploaded will be typed in the Open Dialogue box, File name (the dialogue box gets opened when we click upload button) with double quotes as shown below. This helps uploading multiple files in one go.

Hi @Sachin_Muley ,

Could you give this a try?

"""" + strFileName + """"

This also works, if the commas confuse you->


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Ashwin A.K


Here you go with a sample workflow on this

Cheers @Sachin_Muley

I was using three double quotes as “”" to print single " and worked fine only when used in between two file names. But using four also print single " is really strange. But yah your solution works fine Ashwin as it print " at both the ends of the file name as required :slight_smile: . Thanks a lot Ashwin.

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