How do you add a double quote to a string? A double quote doesn't escape a double quote and CStr(Char(34) gives an error

In VB.Net, NbrString = "“0768"” would store “0768” in the variable. In uipath is adds both quotes. It doesn’t escape it. And uipath complains if try to use Char(34) in assign or even CStr(Char(34)). Any suggestions? Stuff I read on the forum suggested escaping the double quote with another would work but it doesn’t for me when using assign.

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kindly correct me if i have understood the question wrongly
it tried with doubling the quotes it was working fine buddy
see you must use like this “”" hi “”"

may i know what issue you are actually facing buddy
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Thanks for your reply. I’ve realised that the double double quotes I’m seeing are in studio only (I guess to indicate that its been escaped) and it appears correctly when output is generated outside of debug.

Would still like to know what’s the problem with using char(34), if anyone knows.


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ofcourse strings.chr(34) does work buddy @JimT
we need to use like this strings.Chr(34)+“hi”+strings.Chr(34)

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Hey thanks for this. That makes sense of the error as it was asking for something after the “.” In VB I just write Char(34) and it does the trick. Useful to know that uipath needs more context.

Problem solved. Cheers.


Thats great buddy
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Hey. I wanna ask about how do you add online single double quote? For example I want the output be like : Hi"!