How to add status message and current transaction details to my processed excel file

Hi everyone, I have been struggling with a issue, need your help to resolve it.
I so far created a workflow to input PO details, here is a input file for reference
[PO Creation Input File.xlsx|attachment].
(upload://v1rky0nYbbyKbM5xgGkqQBQulZD.xlsx) (9.2 KB)
on completion it should add two columns PO document number, Status.
for each sr number, PO number and status message data row is created.
I tried to fill each data row as per sr number(same Sr number the data row to be copied to remaining blanks), for next Sr number PO number and status changes
Please refer workflow PO Process automation - Multiple (149.9 KB)
Input data table DT_SuccessOutput
output data table DT_ProcessSummary
below is screenshot for syntax which is not working as expected

Hello, and welcome to Uipath Forum!

Can you please tell us the name of the workflow where this step is done?

I created data rows in end of if activity=> process workflow
and added read write range, assign tools in main=> Sequence=> state machine=> end process


Get Transaction Status is Success write the status one by one in the excel sheet.

Excel Cell

“D”+( io_TransactionNumber+1).ToString

if condition

in_TransactionItem isNot Nothing AndAlso (in_TransactionItem.GetType is GetType(System.Data.DataRow))

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