Update excel sheet in process state transaction

How to update the same excel sheet , and add data to b,c,d rows by using process state.

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While using add row acitivy, to the existing excel sheet. The data is adding like this in screensheet. Help me how to update the data in current position.

Can u explain the scenario

By using reframework

  1. Reads input(NPI) from the attached excel sheet
  2. Open the website - https://npiregistry.cms.hhs.gov/
  3. Search for the NPI one by one and get the details of the Provider from that site and update the same excel sheet
  4. After filling the details for the 3 NPI given in the attached sheet, Bot should do a Name search in the same website for the name “Scott” in the First Name.

Done part:

  1. using queue i get the data from excel
    2.searching website all done.

1.update the existing sheet in process state.

Use this challenge to know how to update the sheet

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How to create a in_Transactionnumber to be implement.

Pass the value of transactionnumber process workflow

OK i got.I passed the transtionnumber in workflow

1.while writing a file to excel.
2.i made a excel value in confg file.
3.pass to the excel scope.
4.getting error in the write range box. while pass a string.

Write range should only takes datatable not string

write cell is working

1.Excel sheet is not updating. while running the workflow it updating somewhere.After completion of workflow, no data in excel sheet. How to solve.

Did u assign the cell no dynamically

Please check the workflow I send , GitHub

yes.In write cell i given “B”+(in_TranscationNumber+1).ToString

The values are updating somewhere excel while.Not in the specified excel sheet.

Is it updating in same excel sheet or other sheet? @Piraisoodan_J did you provided the sheet name correctly

It is updating in another excel sheet. I want to be update in the same excel sheet.

In your Github workflow

1.The excel sheet is newly created while execution or in the same excel sheet?

No it is updating the sheet which is existing

Please check whether the file path and sheet name is same, which u want to update

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Yes, i have checked it its same. i Have given excel “sheet1”

Can u share the screenshot of output and process workflow @Piraisoodan_J