How to update the execution status

Hi All,

I am working on a sample task i.e RPA challenge.
After the completion of the each transaction whether it is successful or failed, in the remarks column I need to update the remarks like
If the transaction is successful then remarks should be “Success”
If the transaction caught business or system exception then the remarks should be updated as Business exception or System exception in an excel.

Please to needful to do and achieve the desire resul.


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Hi ,

you can create a Datatable with column for status.
For each iteration or activity, update the status in the particular DT.
Once all the iterations are completed , write back the DT to the particular Excel where you want to update the status using write range.

I am using the queues not using for each row activity

Hello @HeartCatcher

You can use excel as DB and write it back to the excel for at the end of every transaction . you can configure this steps in the set transaction status workflow

Other option is ,

if you have a DB , you can have the values populated in the table and update it at the end of every transaction based on the result of the particular transaction and at the end , in the end state , you can write it back to excel

Hello, @HeartCatcher

I am assuming that you were using Re-Framework without using queues. Use build data table with pre-defined columns including status column

  • Once, transaction was successful the bot goes to Successful block within the Process Transaction state. Then, you can update the data table of status column to successful
  • Similarly, once the transaction failed the bot goes to either system exception or business exception block. Then, you can update the status column of data table to with related failure status (either business or system exception)
  • Once all the transactions were successful, you can write the data table to excel using write range activity

Actually I am using queues

Hi @HeartCatcher

You want to update queue item status to Success or fail? You can use “Set Transaction Status” activity to set the status

Its already used.
I just want to write the status of each transaction into db or excel
incase there are 10 records, 6 are success to be updated in to db or excel remaining to be failed in status column

challenge.xlsx (33.1 KB)
in the status column I need to update the whether successful or business exception or system exception like that


Please try this

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