How to add ReFramwork after the Project is almost built


I am almost at the last step of my project. I was using Try and Catch. But as per my company’s requirement., I have to use Reframework. How to do that? If I cut paste all the activities, then I have lot of rework.

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You can’t. REFramework is a template. To use it, you create your project from the template.

I would ask why they require REFramework. It’s bloated, overcomplicated, and overkill for most automations IMO.

Hey @khooshbu.jani

Yes you can do it by copy paste and with some changes wrt workflows arguments etc.

But it will be worth it.



Refer this thread for step by step walkthrough on converting a process to REFramework

If the scenario varies and if you would like to have more clarification let us know

Cheers @khooshbu.jani