I’m using Reframework template using excel, Read my excel in init state and do the process in process workflow.Iterate the excel using datarow
I don’t want to perform the full process from start to end.
first i do all the iteration in the excel of particular step.after the iteration completes for the specific steps i need to do that remain process.

For Example
I need to enter the data in an application using that excel data. After that an excel in generated for each iteration.
After getting all that files i need perform with some excel operations like merging all those files and doing some formulas.
So, How to perform all the iteration before that merging.

Hi @AbarnaKalaiselvam

In order to use RE Framework for excel data, you need to modify the framework configuration a bit. Since it is built for queue transactions by default, the following resource will help you with the complete configuration:

Hope this helps,
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Yeah,I done this


If you have already done the above steps…then you are looping through the excel rows and in process.xaml you can perform your core logic steps

And for merging and formulas you can do in the end process state as by then all the iterations would be completed


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@Anil_G Thankyou, Try and tell you

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where to add my excel operation before the try block?

Hi @AbarnaKalaiselvam

You can add one sequence above the Invoke CloseAllApplications workflow. Then you can do the process steps like merging and all. See the below picture for more understanding.

Hope it helps!!

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